23 Sep 2015

Cam's Jam Tour - Powell River Bike & Skate Park Recap

The Cam Jam in Powell River, British Columbia was the epitome of what bikeparks are all about. Easy goodtimes, roasty lines, lots of trains, all the locals sending it, tunes, the perfect temperature and pizza. After a few hectic weeks of shaking off an appendicitis and announcing all of Crankworks, Cam McCaul made the beauty of a journey out to the Sunshine Coast to round out his stay up in BC. The skys parted for the early weekend and things were definitely jammin'.

The Powell River Bike and Skate Park is quite the sight, and is a great showcase of where action sports parks are today. Its got an old school bowl for all the die hards, a spanky new tech skatepark and what we all went out there for; the bikepark. The team at Alpine Bike Parks did a bang up job on this impressive place. Its got all the bells and whistles for all the hungry slopestyle kids out there. A fast roller double line, a tot pumptrack, an intermediate double jump line and some fast and boosty advanced lines, all done up to the 9's with the newest FlowForm Bike Ramps. Not to leave out the shining poured in place, concrete pumptrack that allows for head to head style racing with its symmetrical design that really seals the deal on Powell River being the leading bike & skate park for anyone with 2 or 4 wheels looking to get rad on the Sunshine Coast. The locals are amped, as they should be and it shows in the riding and the times that they have out there!

A huge shout out to the City of Powell River for providing the space for such a place, all the locals and non-locals who came out and made the jam a rad one, and Gravity for all the prizes. Check the park out on Trailforks!

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