3 Dec 2015

Bike Park Maintenance - The Valmont Bike Park

The City of Boulder employ 2 full-time gentlemen and over half a dozen seasonal bike park maintenance employees a year at the Valmont Bike Park. Dustin Zeis and crew know whats up. The crew at VBP dig, maintain, and shred the park! Valmont is a direct representation of the passion that the crew put into preserving their park. There are very few municipal bike park facilities in North America that can say they have a year round maintenance crew like this. The Valmont Bike Park is the precedent bench mark for bike parks, not just for the scale and caliber of features but for the park's maintenance program.

20 Nov 2015

The Ruby Hill Bike Park - Denver Colorado

The Ruby Hill Bike Park will be the largest municipal bike park in North America. Much to the acclaim of setting the industry standard; Valmont Bike Park in neighbouring Boulder, Alpine Bike Parks was the go to bike park contractor for the Ruby Hill project in Denver, Colorado. Alpine has their heads down stacking, packing, and moving earth into what will be an all-around engaging bike park for all users. Alpine ensures overall project fulfillment and a high quality finished product.

In the winter months Ruby Hill Park is a terrain park for skis, snowboards and sleds aplenty. Ruby Hill is the first free winter terrain park in a downtown area in the USA. So it only makes sense for the City of Denver to convert winter operations into summer action sport activities. Hence, The Ruby Hill Bike Park - the park will be dressed up with all the fixings and then some.

9 Nov 2015

The Oskar Blues Reeb Ranch West - Hops & Huckers Blue Groove Invitational

The Oskar Blues Reeb Ranch West Blue Groove Invitational went down on Halloween and it was the perfect occasion to ride in all the lines out at the ranch. From far and wide invites came to shred the new course and had a great time doing it. Its always interesting seeing all levels of riders try out a new spot and its safe to say that the Hops & Huckers course caters to everyone.

5 Nov 2015

The Oskar Blues Reeb Ranch West Build

The Oskar Blues Reeb Ranch West design and build was an awesome project for Alpine Bike Parks. The design process started off with a visit to the site with the ABP crew and Cam McCaul in tow. Over some Dales Pale Ales it became apparent that there was a good amount of elevation to take advantage of and visionary ideas flowed down the hill all the way to the hops in the distance.

Procuring a slopestyle-esque course that incorporated an adjacent roller line was in order, as well as completing the existing flow course that trail boss Troy Mandery maintains down to the picturesque pond that sits out in the low lands of Longmount, Colorado. A few iterations of design sketches later Alpine came up with quite a line that boosts through trees, jackknifes around a curved wall, plunges into a belter of a large left hip and straightens out for two long doubles that round out a rad track that the locals will be amped on for a long time to come. An optional seasonal lake jump is in the works, rolling in from the second to last jump's landing leading to a dock that will have all the daring folks flying.

5 Oct 2015

The Gage Bike Park Pumptrack

Alpine Bike Parks designed and built The Gage Bike Park Pumptrack incorporating a small beginner pumptrack and a more advanced intermediate pumptrack design. The pumptracks cater to inner city youth and illustrates what these types of projects can produce. Within the first week of the parks use, Eco-Counters tallied up 47,000 tires rolling over the pumptracks. The pumptracks are constructed of dirt and were built in 3 weeks. The pilot project will be assessed to determine the potential future implementation of other permanent pumptracks in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

The entire process has been a positive movement and the story is a great example of what can happen when the youth dream big. Thru community involvement and a maintenance program the project is well on its way to being a benchmark for bike park curious communities to follow and use as a precedent.

29 Sep 2015

The Specialized Bikescape

Alpine Bike Parks collaborated with Specialized Bicycle Components this past June to design and build The Specialized Bikescape. The surrounding bikescape infastructure incorporates cues from multiple riding disciplines and is constructed of asphalt, natural surfacing, wood, and cobblestones to tie together an awesome atmosphere at Specialized Headquarters in Morgan Hill, California.

23 Sep 2015

Cam's Jam Tour - Powell River Bike & Skate Park Recap

The Cam Jam in Powell River, British Columbia was the epitome of what bikeparks are all about. Easy goodtimes, roasty lines, lots of trains, all the locals sending it, tunes, the perfect temperature and pizza. After a few hectic weeks of shaking off an appendicitis and announcing all of Crankworks, Cam McCaul made the beauty of a journey out to the Sunshine Coast to round out his stay up in BC. The skys parted for the early weekend and things were definitely jammin'.

The Powell River Bike and Skate Park is quite the sight, and is a great showcase of where action sports parks are today. Its got an old school bowl for all the die hards, a spanky new tech skatepark and what we all went out there for; the bikepark. The team at Alpine Bike Parks did a bang up job on this impressive place. Its got all the bells and whistles for all the hungry slopestyle kids out there. A fast roller double line, a tot pumptrack, an intermediate double jump line and some fast and boosty advanced lines, all done up to the 9's with the newest FlowForm Bike Ramps. Not to leave out the shining poured in place, concrete pumptrack that allows for head to head style racing with its symmetrical design that really seals the deal on Powell River being the leading bike & skate park for anyone with 2 or 4 wheels looking to get rad on the Sunshine Coast. The locals are amped, as they should be and it shows in the riding and the times that they have out there!

A huge shout out to the City of Powell River for providing the space for such a place, all the locals and non-locals who came out and made the jam a rad one, and Gravity for all the prizes. Check the park out on Trailforks!

Cam's Jam Tour - Valmont Bike Park Recap

The Cam Jam. The re-purposed title should go a little more like this; The Cam Can't Jam. To paint this picture we'll start with a large dose of voo-doo, and mix it with a mega-case of appendicitis for none other than the name sake of the Jam, Cam McCaul. The evening before the Jam things were cheerfully shaping up for the next day's festivities, the Alpine Bike Park crew were scheming on free tacos and tying off any other specifics for the Jam, Oskar Blues brews were flowing and times were too good to be nearly true for Mr. McCaul. As the evening expired, Cam comes down with the illness, the type of code red illness. In the early hours of the morning Mr. McCaul steals the rent-a-car and life flights himself to the Boulder Community Health Hospital Emergency room instead of where he should be going - The Valmont Bike Park for his Jam. Cat scans and x-rays later the disillusion becomes apparent; a blown out appendix. Merely hours before his party, Cam's crying because he can.

As one thing tends to always lead to another, there was no other way than to just roll with the punch. Everyone was already on their way and there was Cam, wheelie-ing his way to the underside of the knife. The surgery room instead of the bike park. The other side of this story is a rad, super positive afternoon in Boulder. Celebrating The Valmont Bike Park isn't a hard thing to do. The place is up-kept by Dustin Zeis and crew and it shows. All the lines are hitting, blue grooved and it's a true testament to bike park maintenance. A world class park in a beautiful setting.

Nick Soloninka from the Barnum North Bike Park was on hand to hype everyone up over the mini mega phone and keep everyone psyched. From the groms really going for it, to the Oskar Blues root beer, to Maria at the Izote taco truck hooking up tacos and pupusas, as well as nearly every size wheel in attendance, lengthy trains, and plenty of roasting jumps, things were definitely jamming. The FlowForm Bike Ramps produced a 1080 and a double back flip and no ambulance visits were necessary! The good vibes, easy camaraderie and the entirety of it all were summed up nicely by Dustin "this is the best turnout since the (Valmont) park opened" and that's what it's all about, getting rad with the homies and enjoying yourself.

Huge shout outs to Dustin & Crew at The Valmont Bike Park, Trek Bikes, Troy Mandery at Oskar Blues and Reeb Cycles, Mike Lawless at Gravity Components, Chris Ricci at Influx Productions, Nick Soloninka from Barnum North Bike Park and especially all the locals that came out and sent it.

Jams like these are proof that it's worth having these grassroots gatherings. It brings together community rider groups and celebrates the awareness of legit public bike parks connecting with all demographics of riders from family and youth to core BMX and freeriders at their own local park. Collaborating with passionate bike clubs and associations that play a vital role in the day to day of their bike park's inner workings is a pleasure, Alpine Bike Parks' hats are off to the people that take the parks we build and make them their own! We hope to collaborate with more supporters in the future and bring this park tour to more places and people next year. Keep the stoke high!