5 Oct 2015

The Gage Bike Park Pumptrack

Alpine Bike Parks designed and built The Gage Bike Park Pumptrack incorporating a small beginner pumptrack and a more advanced intermediate pumptrack design. The pumptracks cater to inner city youth and illustrates what these types of projects can produce. Within the first week of the parks use, Eco-Counters tallied up 47,000 tires rolling over the pumptracks. The pumptracks are constructed of dirt and were built in 3 weeks. The pilot project will be assessed to determine the potential future implementation of other permanent pumptracks in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

The entire process has been a positive movement and the story is a great example of what can happen when the youth dream big. Thru community involvement and a maintenance program the project is well on its way to being a benchmark for bike park curious communities to follow and use as a precedent.