8 Jan 2014

Invergarry Bike Park- Surrey BC

The Invergarry Bike Park in Surrey BC is a very impressive place. The park receives support from the SORCE Bike Club (Surrey Off Road Cycling Enthusiasts) and it’s local users. In addition to recently working with Alpine Bike Parks and Flowform Ramps, the Invergarry crew is a solid group of dedicated volunteers. These are the people behind it all. They provide the input, show up on the trail days, and keep the place in top shape.

Trail Day Pumprack Time Lapse.

Invergarry is special because local riders envisioned and implemented it with years of hurdles and hard work.  Having Alpine Bike Parks and Flowform Ramps involved has allowed it to take a progressive leap.  One of the main guys responsible for this park, Jordan Proctor, provides some detailed information on the park below:

Like many municipal projects, Invergarry sounds like it's been quite the process for you. What's some background history on it?
It all started with Derek Kost and I coming home for a ride lamenting that there was no where to ride in Surrey. This inspired Derek to show me the skeletal remains of what was Invergarry (the spot had a ridership in the late 90's/early millennium).

Invergarry was once a construction waste dump and gravel pit and has some unique terrain for riding. Seeing the potential for new riding features we immediately starting building jumps in the bowl area where there were once jumps before. This resulted in the city contacting us regarding the development of a legitimate bike park at Invergarry. This was followed by a 3 or so year process requiring us to make petitions, hold open houses, and build as much cool stuff as we could to get people stoked about the idea of a park. We developed a community of riders around Invergarry and teamed together as the group Dirtwest (a bike club for Surrey North). During that time we also built the 604 jumps and pumptrack area and worked with the City of Surrey to revamp the jumps at Port Kells Park known as "Lucky Trails".

Who will this park be geared towards? Will it cater to all riding levels?
The final goal of the master plan is to make a park that is accessible and exciting for all levels of rider, from a kid on a pushbike to a pro level dirt jumper/freerider.
What has been the best part about working with Alpine Bike Parks and Flowform Ramps?
There are many aspects to working with Alpine that have been great. One of the most notable is their experience in translating what the ridership wants into terms the city can easily and enthusiastically get behind. The master plan that they worked with the City of Surrey on has opened a lot of doors and opportunities for us. They have also helped solidify the City's continued interest in future developments for the park.
As for the quality of product, for the most part the pictures don't do it justice. It was so cool to see some of the best builders; Lucas Fulgam from Earth Ramp Bike Parks, Dustin Gilding, and Paddy K (Joyride builder) were a few involved. The Flowform features are also nice in that I never have to worry about coming back to spot seeing something has changed because someone with a shovel decided it needs to be different. Having Flowform features in the park also means maintenance is going to be a snap.
Who else was involved in making this park come to life?
There has been a ton of people that have helped us get this park completed.

- Dale Tiessen of Dirtwest at that time, linked us up with SORCE (Surrey Off Road Cycling Enthusiasts). I have succeeded him as president. Dale was instrumental in advocating for continued funding into mountain biking in Surrey by the city of Surrey.

- The park would not be half of what it is without the tireless efforts of the Davidson family. Jim Davidson and his sons Scott and Will have probably got more hours digging there than anyone else beside Derek and myself.

- The Parks, Recreation, and Sports Tourism Committee headed by City of Surrey. Counselor Linda Hepner got behind mountain biking to help us achieve our vision.

- Jeff Graham with the City of Surrey has been an advocate of bike parks in Surrey since their inception. Jeff has been instrumental in helping us get resources and guiding us in our navigation of the city and it's processes.

-Judd de Vall at Alpine. Not only did they build a world-class jump trail in our park, he and the staff at Alpine also helped us develop a long-term plan for the park which has now streamlined the process of future development of Invergarry Bike Park.
Invergarry Bike Park is situated in a fairly large area for a public bike park, any long-term goals for its progression?

YES! There is going to be a ton of upgrades coming to the park over the next couple years. In 2014 the plan is to construct a beginners jump trail to make the park progressive and give people the opportunity to build up their skills so they can ride the freshly built Shovelbuster Jump Trail. Other upgrades on the master plan are a skills area for the kids (log rides, ladders etc.), revitalize and expand the pumptrack. The most exciting of all is the rebuild of the "freeride bowl" which is a jump area with really exciting and unique topography. In the long term I would like to see a larger single-track network for XC riding, so the park will be able to accommodate every type of mountain biking.

When is the park expected to be open to public?
The new construction should be open in the late Spring/early Summer; the official grand opening date is to be determined as of now.

 Stay tuned on the SORCE Bike Club website and Facebook page for more information on Invergarry.
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