20 Nov 2015

The Ruby Hill Bike Park - Denver Colorado

The Ruby Hill Bike Park will be the largest municipal bike park in North America. Much to the acclaim of setting the industry standard; Valmont Bike Park in neighbouring Boulder, Alpine Bike Parks was the go to bike park contractor for the Ruby Hill project in Denver, Colorado. Alpine has their heads down stacking, packing, and moving earth into what will be an all-around engaging bike park for all users. Alpine ensures overall project fulfillment and a high quality finished product.

In the winter months Ruby Hill Park is a terrain park for skis, snowboards and sleds aplenty. Ruby Hill is the first free winter terrain park in a downtown area in the USA. So it only makes sense for the City of Denver to convert winter operations into summer action sport activities. Hence, The Ruby Hill Bike Park - the park will be dressed up with all the fixings and then some.

The loop line alone covers 2+ miles and swoops and swerves down some dynamic flow trail zones and keeps it creative with engineered trail features throughout.

The skill development zone caters to entry level riders and has all the fundamental features that will garner user understanding and teach the elemental principles of g-force comprehension. A pumptrack keeps the g-force principal prevalent and is a perfect place for users to generate momentum and keep speed.

A drop zone with 3 levels of difficulty are situated high on the hill for a quick warm up before 4 slopestyle lines weave down Ruby Hill. From extra small to large, the slopestyle courses will provide a developmental area for users to work up to and sequentially progress down the hill.

The dirt jump portion of the park also mimics the overall step-by-step skill improvement idea, flowing freely in-between native pine trees the jumps will produce alot of air time and with 4 dirt jump trails to pick from its going to be great to see the progression produced from this place.

Overall, The Ruby Hill Bike Park will set another precedent in the proliferation of bike parks nationwide. It is Alpine Bike Parks mission to create the most engaging polished places to ride your bike at in the world and Ruby will be a direct reflection of just that.

Photography by Ted Van Orman


  1. Amazing work guys, can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. Excited for the future of municipal bike parks! Lets get one going in Snowmass, CO.

  2. This is so exciting to see the park come to fruition! We attended the initial community meeting at REI a few years back and wondered when construction would start. Glad to see it's moving along, it looks fabulous:)

  3. Yes! I live in Athmar Park, so this is pretty much in my back yard! Super excited to have a nice post work ride without having to throw my bike on the car and go west! Hit the park for a few laps then head on over to Chain Reaction Brewery, sounds like a good afternoon.

  4. When is the park supposed to open??

  5. Grew up riding bmx as a kid but never had a park like this... just now getting back into riding along with introducing it to my teenage boys. Can't wait till it opens!!!! THANKS!!!!!

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