3 Dec 2015

Bike Park Maintenance - The Valmont Bike Park

The City of Boulder employ 2 full-time gentlemen and over half a dozen seasonal bike park maintenance employees a year at the Valmont Bike Park. Dustin Zeis and crew know whats up. The crew at VBP dig, maintain, and shred the park! Valmont is a direct representation of the passion that the crew put into preserving their park. There are very few municipal bike park facilities in North America that can say they have a year round maintenance crew like this. The Valmont Bike Park is the precedent bench mark for bike parks, not just for the scale and caliber of features but for the park's maintenance program.

The success of a bike park hinges on the continuous maintenance of features and elements. The most critical part of bike park maintenance is the regular upkeep of the features and track surface by either city staff or volunteers.

During the maintenance process, bicycle trails and features need to be enhanced continuously to optimize user experience, minimize safety risks, and decrease long-term maintenance costs. Performing maintenance tasks and improvements is the goal to enhance the trail experience for the end user by optimizing momentum and flow, as they ride through the trails and trail features.

Informing cities and municipalities about maintenance and engaging volunteers about the best practices of using a park should be a priority for any community that has a bike park. Alpine Bike Parks provides peer-to-peer training services in bike park and trail operations and maintenance to raise the professional capacity of our partners and cultivate a community of potential stewards. The results are parks and trail systems that are long-term, manageable amenities that add value at relatively low operational cost. The following photographs are proof!

For more info on Alpine's operations and management services check out our services page.


  1. Nice! So great to see this park continuing to get better and better...

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