9 Nov 2015

The Oskar Blues Reeb Ranch West - Hops & Huckers Blue Groove Invitational

The Oskar Blues Reeb Ranch West Blue Groove Invitational went down on Halloween and it was the perfect occasion to ride in all the lines out at the ranch. From far and wide invites came to shred the new course and had a great time doing it. Its always interesting seeing all levels of riders try out a new spot and its safe to say that the Hops & Huckers course caters to everyone.

With mid-day winds winding the amperage down for a bit, root beers were slugged and bbq beer can chicken was chowed. An all-around good time was taken advantage of and the wind decided to die down til dusk for more flowing blue grooves and brews. Adam Wassan decided it was time to take the Reeb Cycle fat bike where its never been before and roasted it through the entire line!

With trains a plenty its safe to say that this rad private line over at Oskar Blues Reeb Ranch West will be a great space for the young guns to gather alot of skill and keep the the ol' locals happy for years to come. The ranch will be open on a membership basis and you can check out Reeb Cycles for more info on becoming a member.

Huge shout out to Eddie Clark & Yann Ropars for the photos!

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